Uniquely yours

At the heart of CaretTab is the idea of complete control. Want a digital clock, a notepad, or a quick access link to your favorite website on your new tab? You got it. How about a to-do list widget or a binary clock to show off your tech-savvy nature? It's all there. With our wide array of widgets, you're not only changing the look of your tab but also enhancing its functionality to match your needs and aesthetic sense. Plus, you can tailor each widget to your liking by adjusting fonts, colors, sizes, and placement - even overlapping if you so desire!

Your privacy secured

Moreover, we understand the value of your privacy. That's why CaretTab is built with a privacy-first approach. No sign-ups, no tracking, no advertisements, no unnecessary data collection. The only time information is gathered on our servers is if you opt for our Premium Access, where the enhanced features will surely captivate you!

A world of features

CaretTab transforms your new tab page with an array of customizable widgets—from different clock styles to personal weather updates, a digital notepad, and a specialized loadshedding widget. Further enhance your browsing experience with our sidebar tools, including a quick calculator, unit converter, timer, password generator, and an AI chat powered by OpenAI. With CaretTab, you get a personal, feature-rich new tab tailored to your style and needs.

Many widgets and tools available and more on the way

  • Clocks

    Digital, Analog, and even Binary!
  • Date

    Offering comprehensive date and year details.
  • Weather

    Personalized meteorological updates.
  • Todo & Notepad

    For your thoughts, ideas, tasks, and reminders.
  • Quotes

    Showcase your favorite wisdom.
  • Quick Links

    Quick access to your favorite sites.
  • Search Bar

    Choose your preferred search engine.
  • Loadshedding

    A must-have for South African residents.
  • Shape & Text

    Let your creativity flow.
  • Calculator

    Quick, easy calculations, no extra tabs needed.
  • Unit Conversion

    Seamlessly switch between global standards.
  • Timer & Stopwatch

    Precise time-tracking for tasks and challenges.
  • Password Generator

    Strengthen your online security with unique passwords.
  • AI Chat

    Harness the power of AI for smart suggestions and quick answers.

All of these features for FREE!

Available in multiple languages, CaretTab is ready to globalize your new tab page, wrapping the world's diversity into your daily browsing experience. So, why wait? Elevate your browser with CaretTab today - because it's your tab, your rules!